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Deep Dental Cleaning in Mar Vista

This patient had significant gum disease due to long-standing bacterial infection, as well as tartar build-up. While visually apparent in this case, this often occurs in the back teeth completely below the gum line where it is not visible. The most important thing to focus on is the redness, puffiness, and unhealthy appearance of the gum tissue, especially around the lower teeth. If left untreated, this patient would certainly lose these front teeth due to underlying bone loss and lose many teeth in the back as well.

After our gum therapy treatment (a whole mouth of scaling and root planing), the patient worked on oral hygiene and was given four weeks to heal. Notice how the gum tissue is no longer swollen or puffy, and the redness has subsided. In this case, the bacterial infection has subsided, and the body has been allowed to heal. The gums and bone are now healthy and stable, and with proper hygiene and professional cleanings, can expect to stay healthy.

Patient before deep cleaning in Santa MonicaPatient after gum treatment in Mar Vista
The office is clean and fresh feeling, and everyone is very friendly!

Dr. Strandburg is AMAZING! Very knowledgeable and great at explaining what your teeth need. I had to have a couple of cavities filled and he was super gentle when numbing my gums (you know you have a winner when you barely feel it). His work is very nice and he makes sure you are comfortable in what ever procedure he does. Very friendly and wants to share his knowledge- he really cares about your mouth health, seriously ask him anything. The office is clean and fresh feeling, and everyone is very friendly. He's my go to dentist and I highly recommend him!

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