White Fillings and Bonding in Mar Vista

Replacing silver fillings in mar vista
 Replacement of failed silver (amalgam) filling

Dental decay is prevalent in patients of all ages. Left untreated, a cavity can eat away at the interior of a tooth and cause an infection that requires root canal therapy or extraction. At Vision Dental Mar Vista, Dr. Chris Strandburg will help you keep on track with your oral health and use the latest technology to detect decay before it puts your entire smile at risk. He always discusses all options available, along with their benefits.

Digital dental x-rays provide high-resolution images for Dr. Strandburg to closely review. When we detect cavities in their early stages, they are often simpler and less expensive to treat.

White (Tooth-Colored Fillings) and Bonding

We use tooth-colored, white composite fillings, as we are an amalgam-metal-free practice. This is often referred to as bonding since the fillings form micromechanical connections to the teeth. Simply put, they bond directly to the teeth, requiring the removal of less tooth structure than their amalgam counterparts.

White fillings come in a variety of shades to match your natural teeth and blend in for a seamless result. Only your dentist will know you have a filling.

When Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Recommended

decayed tooth with filings in santa monica
Teeth destroyed by decay (cavities) and restored

These fillings are best indicated for small-to-medium-sized defects of the teeth to stop decay or cavities from further destroying teeth and to repair damaged and decayed tooth surfaces. They are a great way to replace old fillings as well. 

They are poor solutions, however, for large restorations due to their flexibility under strong loads. For larger instances of decay or damage, a crown is a better solution.

White fillings are gentler on teeth than some other methods, and we believe they are an excellent way to get our patients back to top-notch dental health when indicated.

What Is Bonding?

Cosmetic tooth “bonding” is another use for these composite materials. Small tooth chips and contour changes can be corrected, improving the overall aesthetics of your smile. Since composite adds to your tooth structure, it is a conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry. 

dental bonding results in mar vista
Tooth chips repaired with composite bonding

We use the same material for bonding as we use for fillings. We take special precautions to carefully complete these restorations, using nothing but the latest, most widely-proven techniques and materials. We schedule extra time to ensure the best possible result for each patient and procedure.

Alternatives to Dental Bonding in Mar Vista

For more extensive changes to your teeth and smile, porcelain veneers are the longest-lasting, most aesthetic approach. Veneers are an indirect restoration, meaning they are created in a dental lab to carefully create the correct size, shape, and color that looks best. We then remove a small bit of tooth structure and cement the veneers permanently to your tooth structure. You can read more about veneers here.

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