Veneers in Mar Vista

A beautiful smile lights up a room, and living in the LA area means that we have plenty of pearly whites to admire. The chances are that those smiles you admire on television, the movie screen, and strolling the streets near Hollywood have benefitted from the artistry of a cosmetic dentist.Girl with veneers in mar vista

At Vision Dental Mar Vista, Dr. Chris Strandburg loves nothing more than helping our patients achieve their dream smiles. Often, this will mean dental veneers treatment. Unlike veneers of the past, today's smile makeovers look so natural that people will think you were born with perfect teeth.

Getting Started with Veneers in Santa Monica

To get the most out of any dental investment, we need to rule out decay, gum disease, or any other condition that makes cosmetic dentistry less likely to succeed and address those first. Next, people often choose to whiten their teeth before any restorative dentistry because it will result in a brighter outcome overall. Since veneers will not bleach as natural teeth do, we want to make sure your natural teeth are their brightest.

Our team will take x-rays and photos for Dr. Strandburg to plan treatment, along with impressions of the teeth.

Choosing the Size, Shape, and Color for Your Veneers

Did you know that men and women have teeth that are shaped differently? It’s also true that your skin tone and hair color can influence the hue of your teeth. Your age and the symmetry of your face will also play a role in the planning process for veneers. Combining art and science, Dr. Strandburg will take all of these aesthetic qualities into account and present you with choices that not only look stunning but also function properly with your bite. 

creating veneers in mar vistaHaving veneers that complement the harmony of your bite will protect them and make it more comfortable to chew.

Once he finishes treatment planning, Dr. Strandburg will give you a chance to “try on” your new smile with a wax-up he creates. You'll have a chance to test drive your smile before committing to the final restorations.

How Many Veneers Will I Need?

How many veneers you need depends on the shape of your smile. Wide smiles require more veneers to achieve that red-carpet-ready look you are going for. Typically, most cases require between 6 to 8 veneers for ideal results that look uniform and blend nicely.

Are Veneers Permanent?

Veneers require us to alter the surface of the teeth to create a secure bond, so, in most cases, they are considered a permanent commitment. Your veneers should last for many years when you care for them with good oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and avoiding overly sticky or crunchy foods.

Are You Ready for the Perfect Smile in the 90064 Area?

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