Crowns and Bridges in Mar Vista

Here at Vision Dental Mar Vista, we understand the importance of conservative, long-lasting, and aesthetic treatment options. Often times larger tooth defects cannot be reliably repaired with fillings and need to be treated with a different approach.  This is when crowns (also known as “caps”), and (in the case of missing teeth) bridges, can save teeth in a long lasting and reliable way.

Dental Crowns to Repair and Strengthen Teeth

dental crown diagram in santa monica caThe part of your tooth that you see when you smile is a white, glassy material called enamel. Cavities, cracks, and large previous fillings destroy the enamel (as well as the inner “dentin” part of the tooth). Past a certain point, the tooth can become so weakened that it can no longer be “filled” to repair it.  Instead, it needs to have a new outer layer that completely covers and protects the tooth.  

A crown acts to fully cover the tooth, replacing previously destroyed enamel and dentin. When a crown is put in place, it can be made to look so similar to natural teeth that it is undetectable to the untrained eye. In addition to looking great, crowns are very strong and protect the inner tooth from further damage. Especially in the case of tooth cracks, a crown can protect the tooth so that it doesn’t slip in half. If left untreated, tooth cracks grow larger and can split the tooth, making it no longer savable. In such a case, the tooth must be extracted.

Thus crowns are a great way to help you keep your teeth once wear and tear have taken their toll.

Crowns fully cover the tooth. It is the traditional treatment for large fractures, defects, root canal-treated teeth, or cracked teeth. Although modern onlays can often fix many defects, excessive loss of tooth structure, root-canal-treated teeth, or large fractures will still necessitate a crown. 

At Vision Dental Mar Vista, we use porcelain materials almost exclusively, unless specifically requested otherwise by the patient, or clinical circumstances dictate another material would be best. 

Common porcelain or ceramic materials we use are zirconia, eMax, or feldspathic. If necessary, metal crowns such as gold can be used. At our office, our standard fee does not discriminate between materials used (unless cosmetic customization is requested).

We complete the process from beginning to end with the finest materials. We use disposable preparation burs, premium impression materials, structure three temporaries, and only the most reputable and highest quality laboratories in the area.

Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth in the 90064 Area

A bridge replaces missing teeth by placing crowns (or sometimes inlays or onlays for front teeth) on either side of the space and connecting them in one single unit. This is the traditional permanent treatment for replacing missing teeth, especially when there is insufficient bone for implants.

dental bridges diagram mar vistadental bridges in santa monica










Long-term success depends on the health of the anchor/abutment teeth on either side and the ability to floss underneath and keep the anchor (abutment) teeth clean.