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We accept cash, checks, Visa, and Mastercard for your portion of the dental visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an “out-of-network” office, which means we are not contracted with any specific insurance company; however, the majority of patients can still use their insurance benefits with us. In fact, many plans offer full coverage of cleanings, exams, and x-rays, so that patients do not have to pay for these services out of their pocket. We will work hard to understand your specific insurance plan and give you as accurate an estimate of your costs as your insurance company will allow.

We even help you file claims with your insurance, so you don’t have to worry about it. We will also send in all of the necessary documentation they request. To get started in checking your insurance benefits with us, you will just need your insurance card (some insurances also require a social security number). Please give us a call, and we will walk you through the process!

Choosing Vision Dental Mar Vista for your family’s dental care means that every decision you and Dr. Strandburg make, you make as a team without interference from dental insurance limitations that do not always have your dental health in mind. 

Our dental team is solution-oriented and will help you fit your necessary and cosmetic dental care into your budget.

Insurance companies negotiate agreements with dentists to have a certain set of fees for dental procedures. The dentist will lower their fees for a given insurance company, and in exchange, the insurance company will advertise this dentist as an “in-network provider.” The patient gets the benefit of lower fees, and to use their insurance coverage (which usually covers procedures at 40 percent to 80 percent depending on which procedure). 

Insurance companies will pay part of procedures when a patient visits a dentist “in their network.” What is less commonly known is that most insurance companies also have “out-of-network benefits.”

This means that if the patient visits a dentist NOT in the insurance’s network, the patient will still get insurance payment coverage on procedures. Thus, when a patient visits an out-of-network dental office, their dental procedures will still be paid for in part by their insurance company. 

For the vast majority of cases, whether a patient visits an in-network dentist or out-of-network dentist, they will still have to pay a portion of the procedure. Patients who visit an out-of-network dentist, like our office, pay a small amount more. 

Our office fees are based on the “UCR,” or usual and customary rate, for our zip code. Being out of network allows us to schedule more time with our patients and helps us provide the highest level of service.

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